Pale Cocoon
Titel: Pale Cocoon
Japansk Titel: ペイル・コクーン
Offisiel side:
Episoder: 1 (1 x 23 mins)
Sjanger: Drama, Science-Fiction
produksjonsår: 2005
Regi: Yasuhiro Yoshiura
Manus: Yasuhiro Yoshiura

(var litt for lat til å skrive selv)
The storyline is quite intriguing, as the setting is the moon, sometime in the future. Mankind has evacuated from the Earth (which has since then become dormant, like a pale cocoon) and lives on the moon, where life on Earth is only a remnant of the past. Some, like the protagonist, are curious towards the former life and are willing to delve deep into the roots of humankind; others, such as his female co-worker, are more inclined to do the opposite - to shun history and accept reality. However, reality isn’t what it seems. Maybe there is hope of returning to the lush paradise of Earth after all.

The art sets up new standards for creativity, the smooth art cleanly drawn and the screen pans realistically animated. The character designs may appear strange at first, but one really grows to appreciate the art in the twenty minutes the characters are on screen. Quite an accomplishment, really, to allow for character growth in the length of a regular episode. Props. The piano music is also very soothing, very fitting. Both the art and the music combine to form a surreal ambience that suits the story.

An urge to treasure the Earth. A plea for protection. A prayer for pride in what we have now. That is the centralized theme of this mind-stimulating OVA, but of course there are the other (lesser) messages of having an interest in history and all that jazz. Speaking of music (excuse the pun), the insert song is lovely. “Aoi Tamago” (by little moa) is an angelic song, almost literally. The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery, and the song itself is perfect for the ethereal mood.

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Vurdering: Selv syns jeg dette var en veldig bra 1episoders OVA, kanksje den beste av de få OVAene jeg har sett. Har ikke sett så mye Science-Fiction, men etter å ha sett "Pale Cocoon" blir jeg nok å se mer. Den er nydelig animert (tenke på at Yasuhiro Yoshiura har lagd den helt alene) og fiine detaljer, det hele er veldig godt gjennomført. Jeg ble rett og slett ganske betatt av den lille historien og den fikk meg til å tenke på ting.^^'

Jeg gir den 9/10 (skulle gjerne vært en episode lengere)