I was browsing the internet(ebay to be exact) and found this awesome figure of Vash from trigun!!
and the price is kind of VERY high and I was wondering:
is it possible for you to get this one, and if so, what would the cost be at your store?
since I´m going to Oslo because of Coscon in October =O

Link to the figure:

if the item is not there when you see it, tell me and I will send pics of it.

and if you can get hold on a box set of Trigun(all episodes), or the newest movie, rumble badlands, what would the cost be? would appreaciate if they have japanese dialoge and english subs

and would be nice also if the price is cheaper than the overpriced ones f.eks from ebay(which they are sometimes, urgh)

Best regards from
Grethe B.