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Thread: DN petit nendoroids

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    Default DN petit nendoroids


    I would like to ask for help, and hopefully you will be able to help this time, I dont know what happened with the other requests.
    Anyway, could you pleeeaaase help me with this ):

    What I would like help with is getting these 5 figures from the first Death Note petit nendoroid set:

    -Death scyte Light
    -Normal Light
    -Normal L
    -L in chair
    - Angel L (secret figure)

    I would also like the second set aswell, but here I would like the full set including the secret figure please.

    I would really appreciate your help, so hopefully you`ll be able to get me these ):
    I have been looking for them everywhere but I cant find anyone who`ll sell them, either using postoppkrav or bank transfer.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: DN petit nendoroids


    I can get you either the full set (10figures+1secret) or just the secret
    I cannot just get specific five from the set sorry.
    The second DeathNote Petit Nendroids are not out until the end of this month.
    We have ordered a couple of boxes they should be here in the beginning of February.
    You could try you luck then.
    If you like we could try to get you the full set on the second (that is with the secret)
    Just send me a PM later ok?

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