Jeg vil anbefale Rising stars tegneserien av J. Michael Straczynscki, mannen bak bl.a. Babylon 5.

"The story follows the lives of 113 people who were in utero when a mysterious "flash" hit their town. As the children grow up, they demonstrate different supernatural powers. Straczynski approaches the story from a real world perspective. What good is being invulnerable if you can't do anything else? How do you get paid if you want to be a costumed crime fighter? What if you just want to be normal? How does the government protect normal people without trampling on the civil rights of those with powers?"

Serien er spennende, uhyre stilig visuelt sett og gode forfattere gjør denne serien til noe av det bedre jeg har lest på lang tid. Anbefales!

Tp vol. 1- 5 er ute nå!