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    Default Bento Box

    Greetnings. I have been looking at some bento boxes, and both me and my boyfriend are very interested, so I/we was/were wondering of the possibilities of perchance ordering through you?

    And if possible, information on the price etc.

    Bento #1 - Sakura "Koban" 2 Tier Bento Box

    Bento #2 - 'Modern+' DX Aluminum Locking 2-tier Bento Box with Chopsticks

    Thank you for your time


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    Default Sv: Bento Box


    yes that is possible to get you boxes.
    We can get you all sorts of boxes for you, if you can tell us
    so details like:
    material (plastic or metal)
    with or without chopsticks
    things like that.
    Then we can get you some boxes we can get for you. Is that ok?
    Just let us know

    Thank you

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    Default Sv: Bento Box

    I was thinking sorta like these ((previous images didn't work))


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    Default Sv: Bento Box

    Aww... The first one was cute ^^
    I would be intrested too in one like that (Sakura "Koban" 2 Tier Bento Box)

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    Default Re: Sv: Bento Box

    If it's not too late for spesifications, here they are:

    First, round-y, dark colouring, plastic, 600 ml bento, with chopsticks if possible

    Second, square, sleek/modern-like (metallic, shiny) OR oldfashioned simple with woodlike exterior image, plastic or metal, 900 ml, also chopsticks if possible.

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