View Full Version : Would people be interested in NeoTokyo "reflexes"?

2nd December 2007, 02:54
[Keep in mind that this suggestion comes from me as a single person, and is not linked with the NeoTokyo staff as of yet. I will contact them to hear their opinion (hopefully voiced in this thread at some later point. I think Jan surveys this forum quite frequently)]

The dark season is rapidly approaching, and more and more people are starting to wear light reflecting gear (vests, stickers etc.) This is quite sensible, as cars don't pause for pedestrians unless the driver spots you first. However, being sensible might come at the cost of being fashonable. Most of these reflexes are either plain silver stripes that require being ironed directly onto fabric (with no option to remove it afterwards) or are simply ruined by the fact that it comes with some stupid company logo or similar promotional stuff. Most people would probably be just fine with that. But how about something we could wear as a badge of honor, as well as it being a life-saving apparel?

What I'm suggesting is a NeoTokyo-brand reflex sticker, or one of the traditional circular type known to every Norwegian. It's the cheapest and most likely the easiest design to make - something that raises the chances of getting them to the store before the winter is over for this time. That is, granted there's demand for this kind of merchandise. So I want to hear your opinion by answering this simple question: are you interested in buying one?

2nd December 2007, 03:31
I'd hit it!
Meaning: I'd buy it. n_n

Toby Christ
2nd December 2007, 03:54
Like all business-ideas ought to be treated, we demand to know two things:

Why do I want it and how much?

It sounds like a great idea to make it a badge of honour. It would be a fun thing to wear, but considering how it will stick or if its pinned, it also affects the choice of clothing. A great idea nonetheless. I can't think of a cool "reflex" at the moment apart from a ghostie I got last year for Christmas.

But yes, finally, a price estimate would be nice, seeing as I already have lots of "reflexes".

2nd December 2007, 14:20
reflexes is always sugoi, so yes. I want reflexes with kool neo-tokyodesign in different colors. Pink is kool!!

2nd December 2007, 16:10
@TC: Keep in mind that this thread is only meant as a gauge on whether or not there is interest in NeoTokyo reflexes. I understand that the customers need to see the merchandise before deciding, but the product isn't even on the development stage. As such, my blunt question at the end of the initial post might have been a bit faulty, and will be edited.

As for price, I don't think that would be a decisive factor as it would surely not cost a fortune. I intend to contact a manufacturer to get estimates for several different designs later on, provided there's a few more positive comments. Lastly, the question of ordering production is ultimately left to NeoTokyo.

I also suggest everyone who's interested in the continuation of this debate to ask others on the forum to post their opinion.

2nd December 2007, 18:05
Sounds like a great idea, i usually don't wear reflexes, but I'd wear one of these, cause then I would be kind of "marked" as a japan and anime lover! =D And it would be fun to see other people wearing it.

2nd December 2007, 18:44
i would prolly buy a reflex vest for my car if it came out:)

2nd December 2007, 19:23
I won't bar the possibility of vests, but it would cost more... Not to mention there's many customers who don't have their own car and won't be interested as a result. I will try to get an estimate anyway, along with the other stuff.

3rd December 2007, 12:20
This is actually a pretty good idea.
We have been pondering about this for some time now.
We'll take a look into this, and get back as soon as we know
something more:ja:
I personally want one that has a special shape.
Like those ghost ones for example.
But that's only me....
Keep you posted

3rd December 2007, 12:32
I'd buy one if it's in a shape!

4th December 2007, 09:00
I've talked with Reflectil Norge AS and acquired a price estimate for the reflexes.

The primary dilemma was that they had a minimum bar for production orders (as they themselves delegate this to another company) on 500 pieces. This means only one of the designs are likely to be made, if any at all. The production prices including commissioning fee have been sent to NeoTokyo.

Hopefully there will be more news about this soon.

4th December 2007, 09:10
This sounds amusing, now make sure you get Nekokoneko-shaped bunch of reflexes, mkay? :nya:

4th December 2007, 09:15
Actually, I'm surprised they don't sell it in the store... But you're touching an important subject. I checked prices for traditional circular ones, the "slap wrap" belt reflexes and the customizable squeezy type. If the last one is made, a shape has to be defined. Of course, it could be anything - including Nekokoneko. ;)

4th December 2007, 12:29
I would totally buy a NekoNeko Neo Tokyo reflex!!

10th December 2007, 00:40
Have been looking for some of the traditional hard plastic ones (circular or with shape), to have some anime related ones would be even better, need 2 at least..
^^;; I kinda only want them if it's hard plastic.. but then again, if they look cool I migth buy them anyway, I just need two reflexes..

When it comes to a vest then I'm not that interested, I still have to buy one for my car, but it's not something I would fancy wearing, it will just be something that lie around in my car and collect dustbunnies.