View Full Version : Request Maid-Sama Cosplay

28th September 2010, 16:01
I would like to know if it is possible for me to buy ''Kaichou wa Maid-sama!'' maid cosplay through you.
This is the only online store I have found that sells it:
I would also like to know how much this would cost and how long it would take.
This is since I would like to have it by Halloween, if possible.

- Ronja

14th October 2010, 11:31
Hi HakiMiMi

Sorry for late reply, should of seen this earlier,

We can get this cosplay for 899,- but we are not sure if we can get it before Halloween now...

But we do have a large selection of different types of Maid outfits in our store, so you are welcome to check them out.
Prices there are 599,-

18th October 2010, 07:42
Thank you for the reply.
I had a friend that went to Oslo, but none of the maid outfits were in my size.
Since Christmas is soon here I can't buy that cosplay because of the prize, but may I be able to get this through your internet store sometime after Christmas?
And will you be able to get it in my size? I'm S or XS. I can take measurements.