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30th April 2009, 14:21
lol, hvorfor ikke. Det blir IRC-logg, unger:

<Adamant> yawn Naruto
<Adamant> who wants to bet absolutely nothing happens
<Adamant> ..nothing hs happened so far
<Bussani> I bet flashbacks happen
<Adamant> not even that
<Bussani> Naruto wishout flashbacks? Unpossible!
<TripleRach> I watched one Naruto episode ever, and it had lots of flashbacks.
<Adamant> oh, there's the flashback!
<Bussani> Ah-ha!
<Bussani> I wouldn't mind reading the manga, just because it lacks the flashbacks and stuff
<Adamant> that's boring too
<Adamant> shittiest pacing ever
<Bussani> Heh
<TripleRach> My favorite is when the Gokuu and Freeza fight would have flashbacks to things that happened two episodes ago. I think it even happened during the five minutes.
<Adamant> it did
<Adamant> Yeah, that was an awful episode
<Bussani> Oh god @ news on TV right now (here in New Zealand)
<Adamant> ooh, another flashback
<Bussani> It's about swine flu. Apparently kids on the Internet are bullying each other, blaming new immigrants for 'pig AIDS'
<Adamant> another flashback
<TripleRach> That's probably happening in the US too, since we blame immigrants for everything else, but I don't usually watch the news here.
<Adamant> shit, stuff is happening now?
<Adamant> In NARUTO?
<Adamant> fuck, that kid is annoying
<Adamant> another flashback
<Adamant> another flashback
<Bussani> lol
<Bussani> Guess I was right about the flashbacks
* Bussani takes his money and goes
<Adamant> yep, been 7 of them
<Bussani> Haha
<Bussani> That's sad
<Adamant> ok.. stuff kind of happened
<Adamant> Yukimaru woke up and was as annoying as always, Naruto and Guren met up, talked things over, teamed up and started their escape together, and Kabuto killed off all those boring henchdudes I never caught the names of
<Bussani> Which will be flashbacked to in future episodes, I'm sure
<Adamant> of course
<Adamant> next episode: They work on escaping together
<Adamant> They'll probably drag that escape out over 5 episodes or so
<Bussani> lol

30th April 2009, 14:40
Når du starter et slikt emne, kan du legge til [spoiler] i emnetittelen er du snill?

Har forsåvidt ikke sett episoden enda, men skal oppdatere post når jeg har sett den.