View Full Version : Selges Japansk iPhone 3G 8GB og 16GB fra SoftBank Selges!

19th September 2008, 12:45
Hi everyone,

I have some iPhones from Japan that I can sell so wondering if anybody would like to have one.

They are all the official types that came from Softbank shops in Japan, locked to Softbank SIMs but we will include a SIM adapter that will make them able to use here in Norway.
All have been opened to activate and have been used for a few days but are in very good condition.

All functions are there and functional like 3G, GPS, SMS, Calling so it can be used just like any that you can get here in Norway without the binding to Netcom!
That will save you allot if you calculate that every month.
Plus you will get a serial number that ends with JP, thats the biggest difference.

Here are the prices for the different models,

8GB Black back 3795,-
16GB Black back 4785,-
16GB White Back 4785,-

NB! There is a guarantee for all Apple products at Apple stores all around the world that is valid for 1 year after purchase. All these iPhones are covered by this guarantee, but as they are all been bought once the guarantee has already started. As I am selling these phones as a private person here so there is no guarantee from us, if there is some hardware failure you will need to go to an Apple Store to clear that up. We will help you as much as possible but please note that we are limited in resources. All phones have been tested by us and work 100%.

If you have any questions please let me know. ;)

http://www.dwimg.com/files/aaynehxuryihi41alp5y_thumb.jpg (http://www.dwimg.com/viewer.php?file=aaynehxuryihi41alp5y.jpg)

13th October 2008, 17:36
No one??

13th October 2008, 18:09
I really want one, but I'm not sure I can afford it. How long do you think you will have this?

13th October 2008, 18:55
I might be interested too, though atm I don't have enough money (and most likely won't have untill around new year's), but like Nekochan said, how long will you have them?

14th October 2008, 11:42
I've sold out the first batch that I've had but have ordered some more.

So in 2 weeks time I will be having them again.
I never know when we will sell out.