View Full Version : [NeoTokyo.no] *Cold Ramune and Calpis Drinks at Neo Tokyo Det er Kald!*

5th June 2008, 12:50
NeoTokyo-blog writes:
Hey everyone!We’ve now installed a fridge at the store.So now you can come by for a Cold drink!Great way to chill out ???
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5th June 2008, 17:21
Sounds cool :) Great with something cold to drink on these hot days XD
I`m traveling to Olso next month, looking foward to see your Neo-Tokyo store ^^

7th June 2008, 00:20
You mean semi-cold:p

7th June 2008, 00:54
i have to take of my hat to you guys, its awesome with a place to hang out that has something nice to drink in this damned heat :nya:

7th June 2008, 20:07
YAY! Thats real nice, i'll be stopping by you guys this monday, so i'm looking forward to try out some cold ramune in this freakish heat!:link:

7th June 2008, 20:47
I must have had 4 of those Ramune drinks on friday, I love it! :D

7th June 2008, 21:39
we all do, if i had enough money i would buy enough to fill my fridge!