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27th May 2008, 15:30
NeoTokyo-blog writes:
Here is something for those PSP fanís! Now at Neo Tokyo we will fix your PSP to bring out its full potential! Having firmware problems errors or just bored at the limitations that you have with your ordinary PSP ? Why bring around all your UMDs? why not play your backed-up games right off your memory stick! Just [...]
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27th May 2008, 22:27
Wow, you can fix bricked PSP's?
Shit, that changes my whole perspective.

Cool :3

3rd June 2008, 17:22
Do i have to provide my own Pandora Battery if i want my PSP Slim to be downgraded, or do you have some other fancy way? I was thinking about getting a PSP slim, but the downgrading troubles with it made me not buy. If you guys can help me out, though, i might just get one ^^