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fetch fox
26th May 2008, 20:00
I saw the pictures of this yakuza cow at your flickr account and I said to myself "that's a wicked cool cow!". Is there any way you guys could get this for me?


And while your at it I'd like to know if you could get your hands on this lovely figure of the doggy from dennou coil.


Thanks in advance :turned:

29th May 2008, 10:40

The Yakuza Cow and the Dennou Coil dog were at the Wonderfes
and a little difficult to get after the show.
But I'll see if I can get in contact with the Yakuza Cow people and ask about the
There is another Wonderfes coming up in August I'll see if I can find something for you there as well.

Thank you

fetch fox
5th June 2008, 15:19
Yeah, that thought struck me. Well, see what you find and get back to me. Thanks