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5th April 2008, 01:28
I just found this at the internet, but i am not able to find any store that sell it. Therefor, i wondered if you were able to track one down for me so that i could buy it through your store. :) Thank you.



5th April 2008, 17:08
I know that they have (atleast had one week ago) one or two shana-bags. I can't recall if one of them looked exactly like the one you pasted, but I'd reccomend that you drop by the store and look for yourself. They have several bags in there now. :-)

14th April 2008, 21:42
I got the last one, the one i wanted! ^-^ Neo Tokyo <3

18th April 2008, 00:45
I want one wit Naruto ;____; <33

18th April 2008, 12:29
We are always trying to get new bags and
stuff for everyone all the time.
But the supply is usually limited or not being made....
We will tell everyone if new stuff comes in as much as possible. ;)
Will keep you posted.
Thank you

31st May 2008, 17:58
We do have this bag in the picture.
Price 349,- ;)