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13th February 2008, 19:48
You are probabaly all wondering what has happend the last few weeks
with the store closed and with that "sign" in the window.
Well not to worry any further, we will re-open tomorrow from 11am as before.

We are sorry that we may have caused some concern in the community
but we have everything under control now.
We appologize if we weren't able to answer any question durning these past few weeks but we thank you all for your support. We are all forever grateful.
To show are gratitude we will be having a sale starting from tomorrow.
All items will be on sale starting from 10% off so please come on down.

We hope to see you soon at the store.;)
Again Thank you very much

NeoTokyo Team

13th February 2008, 19:56
Awesome! I love you guys ^_^

will stuff we ordered from you also be 10%?

13th February 2008, 20:01
For you Nodoka my man sure no problems at all.
10% off on ordered items.:ja:

13th February 2008, 20:24
yay, now i have somewhere to go again when ist boring home.

13th February 2008, 20:24
Welcome back, guys! Now I finally have a place to enjoy my saturday coffee again.

Neko Bite
13th February 2008, 20:46
Alright! I was worried for some time, but now I can relax again. Great to have you back!!

Ann Christin
13th February 2008, 21:11
*mumbles something about that you should have oppened today* I'm in oslo like every 2'nd month ore something and I was there today hehe..

13th February 2008, 22:37
welcome back

now I have a place to go when by:Larm gets boring.

14th February 2008, 14:05
welcome back ^__^
I probably stop by on Saturday to check! o/

(nb. I ordered a calendar a while before Christmas, but haven't heard anything about it. lazy me for not asking about it earlier. do you know anything? it was a D.gray-man calendar I wanted.)

14th February 2008, 15:41
Welcome back :)

I'll stop by tomorrow.

15th February 2008, 14:30
Welcome back. Ill drop by as soon as i can.. sometime today. :) probably in the next 30-60 minutes. i cant wait to speak whit you agin.

16th February 2008, 18:35
YEEEEEY FINNALY:D i thought i was going to kill myself:gonk:

25th February 2008, 14:25
Hi everyone!

We have now got the Bankterminal back so you can all use your cards at the shop!

Just to let you know ;)




25th February 2008, 14:36
Awesome! :kip:
I missed that :nyalink:

Best regards,

That person with no cash in her wallet EVER